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Bindu Publishing (Bindu AS) started in 2005 with the translation of the internationally renowned yoga book Yoga, Tantra and Meditation in Daily Life by Swami Janakananda into Norwegian. It has since been sold in about 2,500 copies here in Norway. In 2014, Bindu realized the next project in the form of a Norwegian CD/album with Audhild Naustdal. The album To avspenninger, knipeøvingar og meditasjon contains instructed guidance in two relaxation techniques, Mudras, Bandhas, and breathing meditation.

The latest publication is the book Chakra – Esoteric Yoga by Bjarke. In Mai 2021 the book was published in Norwegian and is now translated into English and planned to be published February 15, 2022! Every year, since the end of the ’80s, Bjarke has taught an in-depth course in Bergen in ‘Chakra – Esoteric Yoga’ over 24 weeks. This book is a systematization of the written material for this course requested by many over the years.


Chakra – Esoteric Yoga

by Bjarke 

The book is both a foundation in classical yoga and tantric meditation and an introduction to deeper, esoteric yoga. It is a guide to exploring the chakras by using the powerful tools of classical yoga. This book is structured to be enjoyed by both established yoga practitioners and those new to yoga.​ You start by getting to know your body, breath, and mind through simple relaxation, good meditation poses, undemanding yoga exercises for the back, basic breathing techniques, and meditations.

Next, you follow the yoga tradition’s approach to awakening the Kundalini power, the dormant energy: First you gain better contact with Sushumna (the central energy flow) by cleansing and balancing Ida and Pingala –the two main energy currents in the body. Furthermore, you develop contact with each chakra through physical poses, breathing techniques, other energy techniques, relaxation, and meditation related to the chakra. Throughout the book, you will gradually learn the integrated chakra meditation called the Source of Energy.

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The techniques of the yoga tradition are best learned by following oral instruction. Through the book, you will find QR codes for some of the techniques with links to video and audio files. There are over seven hours of instructions that make learning easier and provide greater benefits from the techniques.

The book is based on the classical yoga tradition and the sober Scandinavian form that this yoga has acquired through the Danish yogis Swami Janakananda and Per Peo Olsen – in addition to my own experiences both in life, on the yoga mat, and through teaching.

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