The Videos for the Chakra Book

Lesson description

All the yoga techniques in the book have good illustrations and thoroughly instructions. But especially long, complex sequences of yoga poses such as Sun, I Greet You can be a challenge to do only after reading about them. They are therefore available here for easier learning.

Surya Namaskara - Sun, I Greet You

  • 10:32
Surya Namaskara - Sun, I Greet You - is a sequence of two rounds of 12 yoga poses in a long, sliding movement or as a sequence where you stand still for a short while in each pose. The sequence is composed of forward and backward bending poses. In some of them you let go of the body, in others you actively stretch the body or train strength. First you get to know the different poses, and how they are connected in the process. When it is in place, switch on the breath. The breath follows every movement and the whole movement. When the body bends backward you breathe in, when it bends forward you exhale. You breathe through your nose all the time — not through your mouth.